In 1878, Adolf Wilhelm Keim set new standards in facade coatings with his patent for producing silicate paints. Since then, the KEIMFARBEN company has consistently and successfully implemented silicate binder technologies in a wide range of building protection products. The added value of our mineral systems is key to our product policy focus. Builders, planners and craftsmen all over the world rely on the unique quality of KEIM products.

A strong international commitment is an integral part of the company's growth strategy. A clear focus on meeting the highest quality standards combined with a high level of innovative strength guide the company in its actions.
Our main focus is on research and development of products containing mineral binders. This ensures KEIMFARBEN quality worldwide along with the company's innovation leadership in mineral products that are manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality and technical precision.

As specialists in mineral-silicate building protection, we supply technically advanced, full-scale system solutions for building facades and interiors. Our product portfolio includes interior and exterior paints, plasters, composite thermal insulation systems, concrete renovation and stone replacement materials. The range of KEIMFARBEN products and services is based on the concept of eco-sustainability.