The TechnoPhysik Group has been developing, producing and supplying high-quality, safe and sustainable insulation materials and fire protection products for more than four decades.

With three companies operating at four locations, the TechnoPhysik Group manufactures and distributes innovative fire protection and thermal insulation solutions for the industrial and private sectors. Techno-Physik Eng. GmbH, MINERALKA d.o.o. and WD-Technik GmbH produce insulation materials and systems, fire protection panels and system solutions for fire protection in the housing construction, shipbuilding and heat insulation industries.

We implement our unique know-how and innovative production technology to supply a highly sustainable product portfolio for a wide variety of structural and industrial applications. Our companies manufacture eco-sustainable, recyclable insulating materials with outstanding product qualities. We focus on manufacturing products designed to meet specific customer needs.
Our development of new products designed to meet customer needs is based on vermiculite materials that are heat-resistant up to 1200°C and our special bio-soluble Multitherm 550 glass that is heat-resistant up to 550°C. We also provide the necessary processing technology. Our technological standards are characterized by fundamental research and development in new fields of application.

Our Thermax and Fipro brands have set new standards for many years in high-quality fire protection for structural engineering, shipbuilding and offshore industries. Multitherm 550, our high-performance special insulation, is unrivaled in the industry. It is used in the home appliance and medical technology sectors as well as in a wide range of innovative systems and devices. Multitherm is manufactured from special bio-soluble glass. Thermax and Fipro are made from vermiculite, a natural raw material. In addition to production, these materials are also assembled and refined at our four plants to meet all customer specifications. Our materials are implemented worldwide in the electric and gas heat industries, e.g. for heat exchangers and wood pellet burners. They are also used in the aluminum industry for lining smelting furnaces as well as in fire protection for buildings, cruise ships and drilling rigs.