After founding LM Betonwerke works in 1929, commercial advisor Leonhard Moll laid the foundation for the development of a new industry with a patent for prestressed concrete rail sleepers. Since then, we have produced 75 million of these railroad ties at 16 our factory sites and supplied them to private customers as well to Europe's major rail network operators including Deutsche Bahn, Network Rail in the UK, and PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe in Poland.
Our customers build railway infrastructure designed to last for many decades and expect durable, safe and functional products. These requirements serve as the basis of our guidelines for procurement, production, quality assurance, and sales.

The focus of our activities is in Europe. Our customers include the leading rail operators in the European industry and our goal is to further expand and consolidate this market position.
With expertise in all production systems, we supply concrete sleepers for all rail support systems and applications. At our state-of-the-art production sites, we develop new products for innovative rail infrastructures, including eco-friendly grass track systems, 3-track sleepers, flat sleepers and the ZSX Twin Sleeper.

Track and switch sleepers for track superstructure, special designs, sleeper disposal and refurbishment.